From Spotify Artist Inzomnia Listen to the amazing song: Las Olas

Inzomnia is a rock band formed by Gabriel Segarra (singer), Humberto Segarra (bassist) and Joel Segarra (guitarist), three brothers from Lares, Puerto Rico. They began their musical journey in 2018 and have since gained recognition and followers across the country, performing in pubs, clubs and many national events. In 2021, the brothers joined artist and singer Gustavo Laureano, known for his work in the band “La Secta AllStar”, in his solo career.

In October 2021, Inzomnia released their first debut album titled “Mañana”, available on all digital platforms. At the end of 2022, the song “Blanco y Negro” was played for the first time on radio waves in Puerto Rico. In May 2023, they return with their new single titled “Las Olas”, which features the special participation of Gustavo Laureano. Inzomnia is currently working on their uocoming new singles and events.

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