From Spotify Artist Little Ghost Listen to the amazing song: Tell Me Everything

Little Ghost makes music that is folk at its core, layered with crystalline piano, harmonic guitar, and melodic movements reminiscent of Dustin Sendejas’ Midwestern emo roots. He spent his formative years touring the USA leading and fortifying a variety of bands.
Little Ghost emerged in 2018 with extended player Beneath the Surface featuring the lovely and tragic “Taipei” which opened a valve for new material to flow through. 2019’s “Mother Warned You” and The Dark crystallized Little Ghost’s signature sound. Euriah’s Eric Stanley produced these releases along with 2020’s “Little Ghost Notes”, a repurposing of John Davey’s “Ghost Notes”.
With 2021 underway, Little Ghost sojourned to Minneapolis to collaborate with producer Steffen Prentiss Yazvac, resulting in a series of fresh singles. “Best and Brightest” features Sendejas’ smooth countertenor and one of Little Ghost’s primary strengths: precision guitar playing. The collaboration with Yazvac yields found grooves and expanded vocal dynamism. After Sendejas spent 2022 on guitar with Triple Crown Records artist Adjy, Little Ghost released a two song ep entitled Night Sky in August 2023. The songs maintain the same melodic focus, but display a broader range of textures, incorporating more present percussion, trumpet, and prominent female harmonies.

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