From Spotify Artist Ananta Govinda Listen to the amazing album: The Saga of the Self-Writing Book

Ananta Govinda is a visionary EDM artist, grounding his music in a genre-defying blend of traditional spiritualism and hypnotic dance ambience. An acclaimed songwriter, author, photographer and immersive multimedia producer, Ananta’s authentic songcraft summons a forest of sound and transcendent human experience, threading together Eastern spiritualism and electrifying Western influences within his soul-cleansing soundscapes. Ananta’s ensemble of work is enlightened by his 25 years of devotion to bhakti-yoga and the Vedic sciences.

From his debut release ‘Reality Check’ in 1999, to his recent cosmic album, ‘Third Eye Opener’, Ananta holds a fluid command over the genres, masterfully enriching impulsive EDM with cleansing energy. Traditional Indian ragas, mantras and spellbinding microtonal harmonies are built upon the Western foundations of EDM, while, as a classically trained pianist, Ananta summons a natural, profound soulfulness through his harmony. His tapestry of earthy tones and electronic rhythms come together to create a new sonic entity, whilst bringing orchestras, samples, synths and sitars into psychedelic equilibrium. With two decades of releases spanning his solo project, kirtan collective Kirtan Lounge, and multiple collaborations across a plethora of different media, Ananta Govinda’s creativity is compelled by an aura of peace soaked in addictively positive vibrations.


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