From Spotify Artist Clerkenwell Listen to the amazing song: Generation Chasm

Frederik Goossens, producing under the artist name Clerkenwell (named after his favorite neighborhood in London), is a Belgian musician, based in Hong Kong. He specializes in original compositions. In other words, he is extremely reluctant to cover other artists, and has left previous bands because of this reason, despite his respect for his (extremely different types) of musical idols such as Jimi Hendrix, Tinie Tempah, Euromi Euhara, and many more. On top of that, Frederik avoids using loops and samples at all times.

Over the years, his musical keeps evolving. Started with two full albums of orchestral instrumentals, to hiphip, electro, and his longest project so far that incorporates funk, blues, rock, and soul.

Frederik is privately trained for two decades by one of the country’s best studio musicians. Being surrounded by highly-trained musicians, all of whom received their conservatory training at some of the best institutions overseas, he admits that he is not even close to being a professional musician, lacking particular practical skills and formal education. However, his anomalous creativity and endless drive to perfect his work are what set him apart and convinced critics of his capabilities,

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