From Spotify Artist Giza Wave Listen to the amazing song: Purple Lo-Fi God

Giza Wave is a House Music producer & DJ based in Groningen, The Netherlands. He started making music in 2008 and overtime he developed his own unique sound which can best be described as: Lo-Fi, organic & intergalactic.

Fun Fact: Giza Wave’s name is inspired by the pyramids of Giza. The artist believes the pyramids of Giza are a work of passion made by people who lived in complete harmony with nature & each other. ‘In short that would be the vibe and message I’d like to spread with my music: That it is possible to live in harmony with nature and each other.’

His DJ set, which consists solely out of his own produced music, aims to take the listener to this higher plane of existence. You can find this set on Soundcloud. He plans to travel through Europe to spread the message of unity & harmony through his music on festivals and communities.

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