From Spotify Artist Alenei Listen to the amazing song: Quicker

I am a baroque pop artist writing melancholic song! Ever wondered what it would sound like to step into the sunset reflecting in a fountain? That’s pretty much how I would describe my music.
Not easily compared – I would best do it to Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Sufjan Stevens.
 I started to perform this year in my hometown and surrounding cities! r

‘Quicker’ about my relentless need to strive for the romantic. Romanticism is everywhere around us and you can find it in little gestures and words, in presents, glances and phrasing, in symbols and between the lines. Love is a language and of course there can always be misunderstanding.

There are more ways to express your love than languages.  Individuality is a part of what makes love so wonderful and if you feel love you will do whatever your heart decides on it. No one can ever take this love away from you if you don’t talk about it – if the person reciprocates, you wouldn’t know and so you can dream you dreams before they get eventually destroyed.

It’s a game of risk and you decide how to play your turns. But until you will eventually move further you are able to see everything is lovely shades of pink! Fantasise, romanticise, dramatise! Instrumentally it is created with dreamy synths, dramatic violins and a supporting piano, I wanted it to sound dramatic and yet very light to represent the feeling of being in love but also caught up in uncertainty.

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