From Spotify Artist Ben Smith Listen to the amazing song: Fallen For You

Sudbury/Suffolk’s Busking Live Streaming Singer-Songwriter Rocker Ben is here with a highly anticipated new single named ‘Fallen For You’. This is his follow up to the March release ‘Shut Out’.

Centred around the theme of love, ‘Fallen For You’ is here to get Rockers swaying, and bound to get their lighters, and phone lights out. Known for his Rock Vocals and lively sound, ‘Fallen For You’ – produced by renowned music producer Steve Loveday at Loveday Music Services, this single does not disappoint with a modern take on the kind of Rock Ballad you would hear back in the 90’s, from the likes of Bon Jovi, and Bryan Adams. The song also features a soulful, melodic solo from Cambridgeshire’s, Anthony Campo.

Ben has built up a supportive community and fanbase through the global live-streaming platform ‘Twitch’ as ‘BenSmithUKMusic’. Now known online for his popular live streams of Street Performing in his hometown of Sudbury, he has funded this release through the support of his online community.

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