FIRST LOOK: Drake Cutlass Metal…or is it STEAL? – Star

CIG should have forgot to ship me a brand new Drake Cutlass Metal, the brand new ship from Drake, so I needed to discover one the exhausting means…
Visuals trailer:
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The Drake Cutlass Metal is a troop transport mannequin within the Cutlass sequence with an extra distant turret, extra missiles, and 5 door-mounted Gatling weapons. With 18 soar seats for armed and armored passengers, the Cutlass Metal is designed to quickly insert troops into an space whereas offering fireplace assist for them. Producer: Drake Interplanetary



12 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Drake Cutlass Metal…or is it STEAL? – Star

  1. Derick Masai says:

    LMAO The third attempt with the music is just perfect 😂😂😂 Also you forgot to add a thumbnail in your haste to upload this while performing grand theft auto

  2. Known says:

    I see no reason for this to exist. Its got a single size 2 Shield and medium armor at best. Quite literally any other ship will destroy this thing in seconds, and it will only take a few players with railguns to down it.

    This ship is as bad and right up there with the cyclone mt and roc ds. Sometimes CIG you give us too many options.

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