Kanye West Exposes Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson For

Kanye West Exposes Kim And Pete For Faking Their Relationship

Did Kanye West simply expose Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson for faking their romance?

Kim and her new SNL comic boo just lately went public and sources near Kim declare it’s just because Kim “received fed up with the hiding and sneaking round.”

“They’re proud to be Hollywood’s hottest new merchandise and may’t maintain their palms off one another,” one insider mentioned. “The PDA isn’t only for present both, they’re simply as affectionate behind closed doorways.”

Yeah….effectively, it appears like not lots of people are shopping for this – together with Kim’s ex-husband.

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41 thoughts on “Kanye West Exposes Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson For

  1. Alan Rogers says:

    Look, you cant make a woman do something she doesnt want to do, shell make you miserable! Ya got millions, your dating already, take a pill and just take care of your kids like a responsible dad does, BE CIVIL FOR THE KIDS, they didnt ask to be in the middle. Its about the kids , not you or Kim, God bless you, Kim and the children

  2. Charlie Amy says:

    Everyone’s on here giving their opinions on what’s going on and I’m just like alright so which one of y’all out of the 900+ comments is right? 😩🤣 We really have no clue the truth of what goes on in that damn family 🤷🏻‍♀️ Kanye a whole other story in its own too ⚰️

  3. MrsBeans07 says:

    That’s because he’s a nut job who won’t get help. No one wants a nut job and even less a nut job who won’t get help. Not to mention the lunatic doesn’t want her showing pda but it’s ok for him to cheat. What a pathetic nob

  4. April Osborn says:

    Ok, so he's the one that started dating first, and she's the bad guy for waiting, he is proving more and more why she left, hope he slows down on the drinking, and don't forget you have kids, they will see your behavior Kanye

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