“ Discurso ” by WILHVLM, SamSilva

SamSilva and WILHVLM are two producers and DJs, as well as the founders of Codigo56 Records, a leading tech house label based in Santiago, Chile. SamSilva is based in Santiago, whilst WILHVLM is based in Amsterdam. Together, they have been working for over seven years, launching and producing tracks, and running their record label, Kodigo 56.

They have performed in multiple locations across the globe, including Latin America, Europe, and the US. WILHVLM, originally from Australia with Chilean parents, and SamSilva, based in Santiago, struck up a friendship when WILHVLM was visiting Chile and performed together. Their strong partnership has fueled the success of Codigo56 Records and their ongoing collaboration in the music industry.

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