Coldplay tour at the Stade de France: festive and colorful, but without surprise

Coldplay tour kicked off its four concerts at the Stade de France on Saturday evening.

Coldplay in concert at the Stade de France: festive and colorful

A spectacular show, as usual, with hits galore, stunning visual effects and a rare fervor, despite mechanics already seen. Purecharts was there, we tell you!

Coldplay Saturday evening

made its big comeback on stage in France on the occasion of its “Music of the Spheres World Tour”, thus returning to the lair of the Stade de France, five years after the incredible show of “A Head Full of Dreams Tour”.

Proof of the insolent popularity of the British group in our region, Chris Martin and his acolytes will perform there this time for four sold-out concerts until Wednesday (a historic first!)! A tour that wants to be more ecological as the band hammered on the giant screens before the show, the price of the places allowing in particular to finance programs of reforestation, cleaning of the oceans or protection of animals.

Bicycles have also been set up at the back of the stadium for spectators to pedal and generate energy for the next show. Armed with luminous bracelets made of recycled plastic (yes again!), the public gathered in this jam-packed stadium was able to celebrate with Coldplay and its tubes cut for jubilation, the time of a 2-hour concert, colorful and full good vibes, but no real surprises.

They are in the stars

It is true that Coldplay song has found the ideal formula with its luminous bracelets, its confetti, its pyrotechnic effects, its lasers and its hits popular since the “Mylo Xyloto Tour” (2011). It is clear that, if the staging still works brilliantly more than ten years later, the formula remains still and always the same. But it’s hard not to get carried away by the communicative energy of Chris Martin, spring-loaded and very happy to be there, from the first notes of “Higher Power”. Arrived on stage at 9:15 p.m., in all sobriety from the dressing rooms and by the central advance on the credits of the film “ET” to stick to the extraterrestrial atmosphere of their last album, the group gave everything from the start by aligning their most great hits, to everyone’s surprise. If the luminous bracelets were not able to produce their most beautiful effect right away because it was still daylight, the dazzling fireworks, the colored confetti and the many balloons representing the planets of the solar system released into the pit allowed to launch this show for young and old with rare enthusiasm. And Chris Martin’s soaked t-shirt proved it!

Chaining the huge and unifying “Adventure of a Lifetime”, “Paradise”, “Charlie Brown” and “The Scientist” in a row, before the feverish hymn “Viva la Vida” promotion (a strong moment of communion!) or ” Hymn for the Weekend”, all taken up in chorus by the 75,000 spectators, Coldplay dazzled us without sparing itself, even if it meant having eyes bigger than stomachs. Because the rest of the concert, filled with more intimate but intense titles, brought down the pressure and the general enthusiasm, whether with “Let Somebody Go”, accompanied by the superb H.E.R who officiated in the first part, to replace Selena Gomez , “Politik” from the album “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, the electrifying “In My Place” or the superb “Yellow”, the human tide turning yellow (necessarily!) for the occasion thanks to the connected wristbands.

Coldplay tour the ideal popstar

Very close to the public, Chris Martin, wearing an “Everyone is an alien somewhere” t-shirt, set an example for all popstars around the world, displaying a broad smile throughout the concert, speaking French with humor very British, even singing on a small stage at the end of the stadium to be closer to the people at the back. The class! Bringing a little girl up to his side to sing “Happy Birthday” to him, the leader of Coldplay tour thanked the public several times for coming despite these difficult times, before offering him an unpublished French version of the title “Magic” in acoustics for the occasion. “If you don’t like it, don’t put it on YouTube! he said, hilarious. A magic moment! Picking up the tide of their celebratory show with the Chainsmokers’ hit “Something Just Like This,” the group took the party slider even further with “My Universe,” their tube-like duet with BTS, before asking everyone to live the moment without a mobile phone for the highly anticipated “A Sky Full of Stars”. The real climax of the concert with its electro jets, its waves of colors and the crackle of bracelets, its lasers and projectors by the dozens, and the crazy clamor of the public, literally in a trance. You had to live it to believe it. Just for this crazy moment, the concert was worth the detour!

Coldplay say

Despite appearances, it was not the end! Here again, in a more intimate movement a little out of step, Coldplay sang his ballads “Sparks”, taken from his legendary first album “Parachutes”, or “Fix You”, remembering the path traveled for 22 years already, before blow everyone’s hair off with the very rock “People of the Pride”! And to leave us in the cosmos on “Biutyful”, sung with the horrible puppets of the fictitious alien group The Weirdos. Clearly, more than during its previous tours, Coldplay tour struggled to make its different facets and repertoires cohabit on Saturday evening at the Stade de France, because of an overly compartmentalized setlist. If the mechanics of the concert did not really evolve – so it was not only our bracelets that were recycled (it was easy, we admit it!), the group proved how much they knew how to put on the show , helped by a clever and rich catalog, which will ensure him long stadium tours in the years to come. With a few more surprises? We hope so!