Britney Spears: Her father ruined her existence

Britney Spears the international singer makes new revelations about her adolescence with her father and what Sam Asghari think about

Britney Spears: Her father ruined her existence

Difficult to move on… Britney Spears still wants her father. The singer who recently shared her baby bump can’t get her mind off the words he repeated to her throughout her teenage years. In a new Instagram post, the fiancée of Sam Asghari recounts all the inappropriate remarks she received.

The thing that hurt Britney Spears

the most was when my dad told me I was fat and could never be [good] enough. My dad always made me feel like I had to try, try, try! He ruined the first seeds of my existence,” she wrote initially.

Today, Britney Spears is no longer afraid to say what she really thinks of all these criticisms received by her father: “What made me feel beautiful at 13 years old. My confidence, my conscience, and even my sex life. Everything was completely ruined! He made me feel ugly and I ended up believing him.”

She tries to rebuild herself with Sam Asghari

If the artist shares all these moments with his subscribers, it is so that they know that despite the remarks of each other, the most important thing is to feel good in his own body: “Trust me , feeling pretty makes all the difference,” she says.

What Britney Spears say

“I may feel better, but the psychological damage that resulted from my dad and all those f***ing people who went his way will never go away,” Britney Spears says. Before adding to finish: “What you think becomes what you are”  what Sam Asghari say.