Britney Spears impressed by Selena Gomez message

Britney Spears posted a photo of Selena Gomez on her social networks, where she expresses all her admiration for the young star and Sam Asghari what he say?

Britney Spears impressed by Selena Gomez message

About Britney Spears friend

Britney Spears has always valued her friendships a lot. Since the star is freed from the tutelage imposed by her father for years, the latter only surrounds herself with people who have the same state of mind as her. Her fans could see it during her marriage to Sam Asghari.

For this event, Britney invited some close friends like Paris Hilton or Selena Gomez. The young woman was delighted to be there, and the young bride noticed: “I was so happy !!! She said to me “I just want you to be happy” three times… My mother told me that too… It was so cool that she was able to talk to me and share her thoughts with me,” says Britney Spears on Instagram.

About their message and what Sam Asghari say

To celebrate Selena Gomez, Britney Spears shared a photo of herself with a text, where she totally indulges: “She was a beautiful surprise!!! I appreciate ALL of the mental health talks she does for our generation… Two-hour specials with reps, Britney Spears continues. You are such a special person and I had to share this photo… I thought it would make her happy!” and Sam Asghari .

Britney Spears talk

Indeed, Britney Spears Spears has hit the bullseye! Selena Gomez is very moved: “I am speechless. Britney, you are so kind and you have the most beautiful soul. I am more than lucky to know you. You deserve all the happiness in the world!”, comments Selena in turn. And what Sam Asghari say.