“ ALONE ” by Trev L.A.

Trev L.A. is an upcoming Mexican hip hop artist hailing out of South Central , Los Angeles. Growing up with mostly his mom and sometimes his dad , because of his dad being in & out of incarceration most his childhood. Trev grew up around family that were hustlers and followed street code which led to a loss of friends, family & led to a lot of difficult times . He started hustling himself later in his life as he was now the oldest of 7 and had to grow up quick but always
relied on music to get him through everything.
He started writing music in his teens and until recently became a artist because of of the people around him pushing & persuading him to get in studio take the craft more serious and finally take the leap into becoming a artist.
Influenced by artist like J. Cole , Nipsey Hussle and fan of many genres such as corridos, r&b, urban Latin ,rock & alternative music. Trev’s goal is to show his creative versatility in all his music and touch different genres & audiences as he grows as an artist .

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