“ Feed My Soul ” by Cam Ellis

Hailing from the coastal city of Mandurah and currently based in the vibrant music scene of Perth(Australia), Cam Ellis is a gifted singer-songwriter whose distinct sound has been moulded by his diverse musical influences. Fusing elements of Pop, Acoustic, Folk and Ballads, Cam’s music draws inspiration from the likes of John Mayer, Jason Mraz and James Morrison.

Cam’s journey into the world of music began with the trumpet in year 6, and by year 7, his talent had already earned him a music scholarship for high school. The intrigue of his father’s old classical guitar, displayed behind the TV, led him to experiment with it at age 12. Within a year, he had started writing his own songs, and by age 14, he was fully immersed in guitar, song writing, and music in general.

After graduating high school, Cam took his passion to the next level by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in composition at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). However, he soon realised that his unique sound couldn’t be taught but had to be nurtured and discovered on his own terms.

Before embarking on his solo journey, Cam was the ex-guitarist for the popular Perth alt-rock band ‘Lights of Berlin’, from 2012 to 2018. This experience sharpened his performance skills and gave him a taste of the music industry.

In 2017, Cam released his debut EP, a 5-track display of his guitar prowess, songwriting skills, and emotional depth. His dedication to music led him to gig across Western Australia in various band sizes, styles, and settings, honing his craft and expanding his musical horizons.
What sets Cam apart is his remarkable talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Beyond his captivating voice and skillful guitar playing, he incorporates trumpet and keys into his performances, showcasing his versatility and broadening his sound’s depth and richness.
From a young boy in Mandurah to a seasoned musician in Perth, Cam Ellis has truly crafted a sound all his own. His journey, dedication, and talent are a testament to his love for music, making him one to watch in the music scene.

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