“ All That I Am ” by Melody Davis Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

Melody Davis is a 5-octave singer with a sound described as a blend of R&B, Jazz, NeoSoul, and Gospel. She is best known for her large portfolio of inspirational music, while captivating the adult audience, drawing listeners into her story, heart and soul.

An Indiana native, Melody attended Roosevelt University in Chicago on a music scholarship, majoring in vocal performance (Opera). In 2005, she relocated to Texas and went from singing in churches to performing at music venues across the country. She shared the stage with Jeffrey Osborn, Roberta Flack, BeBe & CeCe Winansand several other gospel artists.

After experiencing a challenging divorce, Melody chose to end her music career to focus on building herself back up as a single-parent. It wasn’t until she met her current husband she felt compelled and inspired to make music again. Not only did she find love, she rediscovered her passion for music.

Melody’s newfound direction resulted in her writing and recording multiple Singles centered around love, relationships, positivity and life experiences that resonate with mature audiences.

Having the love and support from her husband and a new professional team, Melody is determined to become a full-time musician. She is currently in the process of refining her brand and sound, while preparing to release her new single, Trouble.

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