“ Mirror of Desire ” by Ananta Govinda

The cosmic title track from Ananta Govinda’s captivating new EDM album, MIRROR OF DESIRE. Ananta Govinda blends glitch-clad choruses with soft undertones bathed in hypnotic ambience, raising positive vibrations with every rhythm and pulse. Enlivened by grooves of cleansing energy that dance throughout the piece, MIRROR OF DESIRE is studded with impulsive mantras and chronic, compelling beats crafted to cleanse your chakras and open your mind with their fresh, early morning aura.

Ananta Govinda breaks away from the normalities of EDM, stirring pure spiritual ambience with gritty hip-hop inspirations, celebrating an authentic fusion of dark absurdity and clear-skied harmony. His track is veiled with the contrast of enlightenment and a compelled, cut-throat attitude, glistening with a time-warp of interstellar samples and ancient drum rhythms.