“ Walk Away ” by Jumping Horizons

Jumping Horizons is a music project founded in Germany. The musicians Henrike (vocals) and Jens (composition and lyrics) have so far performed live in small groups and at events. They have been planning to release their own works for several years and have now finally put this into practice.

The first release Walk Away is a unique mixture of piano ballad and pop, classical instruments and synths, romantic mood and groovy beats. The track is a special crossover piece that you can hardly describe, but have to listen to in order to categorize it for yourself. Walk Away is characterized by an elaborate composition with more chords than usual. The piece could also be played with purely acoustic piano accompaniment. At the same time, the song has a modern, elaborate and pop arrangement.

It is important to the artists to create music that works on its own with the power of melody and harmony. The arrangement should follow the musical creation and support it. Attention was paid to gradual development during production. Listeners will have to listen to the piece several times in order to discover its many facets. The text is both personal and open to interpretation.

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