The Munsters Reboot From ROB ZOMBIE Introduced – Unhealthy Information?

The Munsters Reboot From ROB ZOMBIE Introduced – Unhealthy Information?

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Rob Zombie

38 thoughts on “The Munsters Reboot From ROB ZOMBIE Introduced – Unhealthy Information?

  1. Timothy Sweetfeed says:

    I personally think Rob Zombie wants to do something different. He's been trying to break away from the hillbilly horror stuff for years now and you can tell he's sick of it from the lack of passion in 3 From Hell and 31. I think he's going to do a loving, legitimate Munsters film as a fan.

  2. Asmodeus Mictian says:

    I….but why though? I'm in the very small 'indifferent' camp when it comes to Rob Zombie. To me his music was 'okay' but ultimately forgettable….and his movies are kinda the same way. But…The Munsters?! I agree with another commenter below, most of what made that show amazing was the cast and their interplay.
    Maybe I'm just not familiar enough with him to see where he's gonna go with this? It doesn't help I'm not a fan of reboots in general though. But hey, when you're fresh out of anything that anybody might consider "new" but still have shareholders to keep happy by making money roll in….. well, and an audience that will apparently watch damn near anything no matter how terrible.

  3. Ren Hawley says:

    "First ever reboot," The Munsters have been rebooted a couple times, but they didn't go over too well most of the time. The Addams Family movies from the '90s were great reboots because they kept the spirit of the original show (idk about the comics, I've never read them) while also managing to exist very well on their own without needing to watch the show beforehand. Like The Addams Family, The Munsters are very campy, friendly monsters. Hell I'd even go so far as to say The Munsters are even campier than the Addams Family. Rob Zombie is very good at camp, but I've only ever seen his campiness exist in a horror context, so like morbid camp. He knows how to blend comedy and horror into each other, but idk how well that sort of approach would work for The Munsters because the entire humor of that family is that they look scary, but they're actually extremely un-horrific. Idk, if Rob Zombie tries to make these characters actually be horrific, it would lose the whole idea of The Munsters, you can't really apply the Firefly family treatment to them nor the classic horror villain treatment like Michael Myers. I guess we can't really know what the movie will be like until it comes out though. Btw, I feel like he's been wanting to do this for 20 years or so because making Dragula planted the idea in his mind.😂

  4. Ian Wright says:

    Does anyone remember the Munsters reboot that NBC showed back around 2010-ish? It was barely an hour long (two episodes?) and despite having a sexual predator (allegedly) in charge

  5. Gulf Coast Gypsy Music says:

    I can't see Rob doing this kind of movie. Hopefully it will be a comedy. But you have to remember that The Addams Family movies with Christina Ricci were a reboot of the original show and they were great. So it can be done. I'm not sure if Rob Zombie can do it.

  6. Michael Wade says:

    To this day I love "The Munsters", and I get that it was a big influence on Rob…but no. Let it alone. It's been thru several aborted reboots over the years and none of them captured the magic of the original. The only directors I could see pulling it off would be Tim Burton or maybe Sam Raimi.

  7. Closer2theheart 68 says:

    All I know is that Rob Zombie is a huge Munsters collector and he's been wanting to do it for a while. However, I am nervous about the 'twist' he might put on it. I hope he doesn't but I don't have much faith that he can keep it iconic. Just because you're a huge fan of something doesn't translate to you being able to deliver a solid production. My main fear is that he does some sort of weird Firefly family with The Munsters. I think a lot of fans are in the same boat. On one hand, we want it to be great but on the other hand, what's the point when Zombie does it because he's never been known for these types of projects.

  8. Valoşi says:

    This wouldn't be the first Munsters movie, actually. There were already four movies, two with the original cast and two which were made after the sequel series ended. That said, my thoughts on this:

    1. As long as he gets some seasoned (traditional) comedy writers on staff, I think ROb is probably the best choice for a new Munsters movie.

    2. Considering they made a sequel series (new cast) that propelled the family into the future after one of Grandpa's failed experiments, Rob could literally do a movie sequel instead of a reboot. Eddie would likely be in college, and Marilyn would be probably in her 40s (she reverted from college to high school somehow in the sequel). Imagine a movie where we get to see how Herman and Lily first met, complete with some of the relatives we've barely gotten to see.

    3. They made an attempt to reboot the show once before and it flopped. But doing a movie instead of a pilot means it can be a one-shot at worst and an opening for a pilot and/or future movies at best.

    4. There's also one other possibility, which is he goes the Addams Family route. The reboot series was literally the same scripts but with new actors and a few very minor alterations to allow it to be set in modern day. I could picture him doing a movie to test the waters, then literally reshoot the entire first and second series with his movie cast.

    5. A low budget movie company is perfect for the show, as both series and all four movies were shot on low budget. Giving a huge budget is one of the reasons reboots of older shows tend to fail.

    6. Pretty much the only real concern is that The Munsters is very campy and the only jokes that would be acceptable to the woke mob are those where Marilyn is called the ugly duckling. This is another reason why doing a movie is far better than trying to make a series, and I think releasing it via streaming service would be a lot safer considering the current US climate is basically Twitter in real life.

    I honestly hope the movie does well and will watch it when it comes out despite not being a huge fan of the series or The Munsters Today. Rob's horror movie style isn't really to my liking (I prefer suspense or psychological horror to cheap gore-fests), but his general style really does fit the franchise better than the previous attempt at a reboot.

  9. Otto Baron says:

    The Addams family were inspired by the creations of Charles Addams and his twisted take on life. The Munsters were inspired by the classic Universal from their old horror films. The Munsters were more a parody of sitcoms of the period, but using the monsters to fill in for the family members, and was created by the same team behind "Leave it to Beaver". One of the writers on the Addams family also wrote earlier for the Marx Brothers. I think the reason making the Addams Family darker worked, was because the original Charles Addams cartoon were far darker then anything allowed on Television at the time. I don't exactly know how you can go darker with the Munsters, if that is Rob Zombie's intention, but I guess we'll know soon enough.

  10. H.B. Hatecraft says:

    The Munsters is like Zombie's bread and butter. All his old stuff is Universal Monsters and grind house films. His Dragula song is about the car from the Munsters and his Halloween Hootenanny album has his redo of the Munsters theme song on it. He's a fan of it. Honestly, I'd love to see his take on it. It might actually be good.🤣

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