The Most Sus Rap Battle Ever

Freestyle Rapping with Odablock and OOZYMANGOS, however this time its sus….
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This video showcases a few of Odablock’s funniest moments, and the very best of odablock. These movies will come out commonly so be certain to examine the odablock playlist when it’s created. We see some rage /cringe / humorous moments. Some would say the very best of twitch. Lets simply say, rage & humorous moments. Depart a like & subscribe if you happen to loved.


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25 thoughts on “The Most Sus Rap Battle Ever

  1. kevin opdebeeck says:

    This shit was fire not gonnah ly, i was almost about to cry, i’m over here i’m over there, oda has no hair, dont be sad big o we won’t let you hang, i’l end it here…FLASHBANG!!!

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