“ SuperNova ” by Shevi The Devil

Shevi the Devil is from ITL Records. ITL Records was founded by Nickolas Thompson and Demetri Newson-Thompson. Inshenfrentz was a group of young men that all created music in the neighborhood we lived in. It originally was a party crew that used to throw parties in the hood. We had producers and artists all in the same friend group. Nick died while we were working with a number of artists and decided to become an artist himself after his brother died. Nick left a folder of beats for Shevi the Devil to start working on… now we are here.

New Music Uploads on every other Friday. Songs from ITL mixtapes will be uploaded as well as Singles and New drops from featuring Artists. ITL releases the best rap, Trap and Hip-Hop songs in the Inland Empire with the Epic sound you are looking for.

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How does our campaign work?

We will add articles of our active artists in a Rotating Campaign. This means the artists with active orders will receive more or less an exposure every 20 hours until we reach your order target. ( Some hours of a day will be normal see your music is not receiving exposure )