“ Soarer. ” by newplant

Hi, It’s Neo here, ‘newplant’ was originally just a music project, born out of my love for reverberating guitars, Byzantian harmonies, and a need for a hobby during lockdown across 2020. However, as with any project, the more time I dedicated, the more I formed a distinct reason and motivation to continue.

The name ‘newplant’ is in reference to my own name – Neophytos, derived from νέος meaning “new” and φυτόν meaning “plant”. Whilst I don’t really resonate with its religious origin, I have always held a sense of pride regarding my own name for the people I have come from, and their stories.

So as a means of expressing myself for my own benefit, I chose to create the newplant art project, in hopes that the music I create can motivate, or simply entertain someone else.

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