31 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg’s New Yr’s Eve Particular

  1. Jam Lewis says:

    whatever 2021 brings, I'mma have this video to remind me of the best that I can be. Damn! Snoop, you done came far Dogg. I'm almost 50 and I have been motivated by you since you stepped on the scene. Thanks for the party! P.s. I'm graduating in May, come to my graduation in Maine. It's nice in the spring. I got a kayak with your name on it.

  2. Dean Piecka says:

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  3. Crimson and Clover HP says:

    Hi, new years greetings , I must say seeing your G Q live photo sure is bliss. The art outstanding. ( you were sitting outside the plaza ) Nobel Man; nice to know when such is not an opinion : a real truth. I've seen man crippled , before my very eyes. Resilience. I'm simple saying your as smooth as an iced glass of milk. May your future become what no one could dream of.

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