Snoop Dogg, Knockouts, Crying Kevin Harts, and Outdated dudes

Kevin Hart is crying no one thinks hes humorous. The Web finishes off Nate Robinson. Snoop turns the sports activities saying world the wrong way up. And my two favourite fighters of all time Roy Jones and Mike Tyson go at it.

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snoop dogg

34 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg, Knockouts, Crying Kevin Harts, and Outdated dudes

  1. SACTICAL BAG says:

    Black Child Production exposed Kevin Hart long ago and explained why he can't act normal and is always on , basically because of RITUAL AND he can't deal with it and the higher you get with the least talent means the MORE you got to give it up for " stardom " AND THE DEVIL will keep knocking at your door .

  2. whatever isgood says:

    Bro, how come people don't remember, no body even wanted to draft scottie pippen like that, so there was no confidence in pippen to really help jordan till till jordan help develop him

  3. Tanya Parker says:

    Deanna I have iPhone used safari and couldnโ€™t purchase on your page. I got the discount code yet no clicking after main page…lol. I want to get a shirt ๐Ÿ‘š

  4. Truthbetold says:

    Sorry but if you can throw hands you can throw hands. Nate embarrassed himself. He didn't have any resemblance of skills. Heart and skills are two different things.

  5. Geo H says:

    Barkley played with HOFers (Dr J, Moses Malone, Drexler, Mo Cheeks, Hakeem). He just didn't win a ring. Hakeem, Moses, Dr J own rings. Barkley, unlike Magic and a few others, didn't improve his shot repertoire and his FT shooting over his career. He overachieved for someone at his height and weight.

    He played with Moses Malone, Dr J, Maurice Cheeks, and Andrew Tony in Philly. He played with Drexler and Hakeem, Mario Elie and Eddie Johnson on the Rockets.

  6. Geo H says:

    Please elaborate in another video on what you did to overcome dyslexia in college. A friend's son is very talented but has trouble reading. He's in college.

  7. Geo H says:

    MJ was a great player. His link to a sneaker empire I suspect is why he was put on the pedestal and allowed to ask for and get the rebound king Rodman in a trade that led to his last 3 rings. Utah twice had Stock and Malone while the Bulls had MJ, Pippen, and Rodman. Bulls were suppose to win. Sonics had Kemp, Payton, Sam Perkins, and Nate McMillan and stood a better chance but lost as well.

    MJ as you point out didn't fare well during his early years when Lakers, Boston, and Detroit were in their prime. Not sure MJ's best team, his 95-96 team according to him, could defeat the Lakers, Boston or Detroit in their prime.

    Bill Russell, based on his rings, MVPs, and accomplishments, is the GOAT in my opinion. Boston hadn't made the finals in the leagues' 10 years of existence until Russell joined them from college. He was a starter and won them their 1st ring his first year. His defense changed the game of bball. Fact not opinion. He won 5 NBA MVPs. Cousy owns one and there's question whether Russell should have been named MVP that year. No other Celtics during Russell's 13 yrs with the team owns an NBA MVP. He was a starter through his first year to his 13th year with the team winning 11 rings in 12 finals over 13 seasons. Sam Jones own 10 rings but was a starter for only 7 of his rings. A few Celtics own 8 rings but the majority 5 or less. Russell was player/coach for his last 2 rings with no assistant. Were Russell white he'd be called and praised as the GOAT. The man deserves his due.

  8. Ted Graham says:

    Him getting knocked out has nothing with nates character or mental tuffness or being a punk! What we all witnessed was nates skill level when it came fighting for real. Iโ€™m glad he did not think he could of fought in the mma . They would of spilt his face open.

  9. Dr Willow- D TV says:

    What happen to Kevin Hart and why does he care because to my knowledge he is rich as fudge as cake. Kevins harts special was called ZERO F#ร—KS TO GIVE AND TO BE HONEST I UNDERSTAND SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL.

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