22 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Fires Again at Suge Knight after He DIED for

  1. Lamar Craven says:

    Damn Snoop you are deep bro and honest down to the bone, much respect to you when I'm sorry for you having to go through all that but look where you at now my brother you shining like a diamond that can't be hurt you can't be dirty up and can't be covered- you stay shining bro.

  2. Michael Springer says:

    ((( Snoop C !!! I dislike suge 99.9%, as I don't like him of his bullying boy tactics with his artist's also, and where it comes to you my bruh in rap c an Pac, suge isn't even a proper CEO of Westcoast rappertack, the picture of death Row was of how he had his westcoast Rappers within the electrichair, check it out frfr. Remember Steve who you'd meet with your C – Click when you was at a party and took a photo with his girlfriend you & Steve at the rap private party ? Well Steve's doing a L in England can for stopping the clock of life on the dude that owed Steve papernotes etc, but he should be out by now. Anyways Snoop I'd like to purchase afew hectares of land until I purchase my owner land to grow my own land. So Inbox me within the matter stp.
    Blessed Greetings 🙌
    Metric SouthSide LDN. .

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