Danila Sigal, a corporate executive who had a long tenure at Procter & Gamble, Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK), across various high-rank global positions, is a mix of left-brain analytical thinking with right-brain visionary & creative abilities, currently blending all this experience as producer, songwriter, video content creator and ambassador for music, health, personal growth, and beauty related fields.

Danila is a registered songwriter in BMI and a Voting Member of the Latin Grammy, as well as 2-Times Winner Honorable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition ISC 2014, ISC 2021 (selected among over 21,000 contestants); plus 3-Times Semi-Finalist (ISC 2015, ISC 2016, ISC 2020).

Danila offers through her charisma, talent, and vast corporate experience, a pragmatic vision on life, as she has described it, “touching one soul at a time”.

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