“ Sentimental Curse ” by Elton Lee

A corrupt King with a powerful army, a wicked wizard, and a sorceress named Serenity. Enter this New World and unlock the story hidden within the music. In this Album, Elton attempts to convey a story through music.

Songs about relationships, loss, and healing. This album is full of emotions.

With cinematic tracks like “The Wizard”, and “Serenity’s Gale” setting the tone of each character, and focusing on writing each Instrumental like a scene in a movie. Although there is no genre or clear method on the Instrumentals, tracks like “Shine” and “Sentimental Curse” (Title track for the album.) have a clear song structure for the more casual listeners. While “The Time is Now” shows a motivational approach for taking that first step towards accomplishing your goals.

Elton invites you to embark on a journey into this enchanting world of sound and story, where every note paints a vivid picture of a world waiting to be discovered.


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