“ Sense ” by The Catchmen

The Catchmen are Ian Livingstone and Michael Knowles. In another lifetime, the Catchmen were supported by Oasis, loved by Terry Christian and were courted by Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickens. Despite having Radio One play broader success did not follow. They wanted to make big orchestral music, but as 16 year olds from Stockport struggled to find an orchestra.

Fast forward to now and Livingstone is an Ivor Novello winning film and TV composer (Repair Shop…) and Knowles a multi award winning BAFTA nominated producer (Book of Love etc). Finally after working together on the Sam Claflin feature Book of Love (no. 2 on Amazon in the USA) the Catchmen reformed to make the epic music of their teenage dreams working with the Blue Planet orchestra in Prague- telling the tale of a Stockport romance from beginning to end.

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