“ Runaway ” by Zaneta Z Artist

DC native and singer-songwriter, Zaneta, better known as “Z” has an encompassing sound inspired by the many different musical sounds of the city. From being influenced by Hip-Hop, Soul, Gospel, Rock, Funk and of course the music of DC, Go-Go, Z has an alternative sound that can span across different genres.

After performing with different cover bands in the DMV area, Z is now ready to do her own thing with her band, A.F.R.O.B.A.M. With Z as lead singer and extremely talented musicians on the backline, A.F.R.O.B.A.M., which stands for A Few Rockin’ Out Bad Ass Musicians, delivers powerful and soulful performances, while creating an engaging and exhilarating experience.

Exploring both covers and originals, A.F.R.O.B.A.M. boasts their exceptional skills of captivating audiences with their music abilities and guarantees a lively and unforgettable performance that will keep the people inspired and entertained.

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