“ Road to you ” by Andrea Torello

Bass guitar player since 1992. With the progressive band QIRSH I have recorded three albums: 1997 – Una città per noi – Bottega d’Arte Edizioni Musicali / 2013 – Sola andata – Lizard Records / 2020 – Aspera tempora – Lizard Records. With the progressive metal band of NIGHCLOUD I have recorded two albums produced by Dario Mollo, guitar-hero of Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin: 2002 – The last light – Damage Inc. / 2004 – Defeated by the Innocents – Steelheart Records.

From 1999 to 2007 I have played with the great ’80s tribute band MR.BABY, opening some concerts to great italian singers (Riccardo, Fogli, Alberto Camerini and others). I currently plays bass guitar with QIRSH (italian progressive band), PREMONITION BAND (Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band) , C’EROKEE (Europe tribute band), WALTER BECCARIA E I LURIDI (italian songwriter) and QUEEN LOVER (Queen tribute band).

On 25th may 2018 was released by ZEIT INTERFERENCE / LIZARD RECORDS my first album ” APPUNTI DI VIAGGIO ”. On 24th may 2024 was released by KLEISMA RECORDS my new album named “BLEND”.

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