“ Richez ” by COG KA’RON

In Ka’ron’s Late Teens & Early 20s He Would Take Matters Into His Own Hands And Made Up In His Mind To Do It His Way And His Way Only. A Young Mogul In The Making He Would Turn To The Streets For Rapid Finances As The Only Legitimate Way To Become His Own Boss And Put Others On So He Formed Tha City Of Godz A Brand And Record Label With Close Family And Friends. Releasing Local Mixtape Cds Ka’ron Would Perfect His Craft Recording 5-6 Songs A Day.

The Hype Continue To Build But Slowly Being The Only One Remaining Part Of (Tha City Of Godz) Due To Life Altering Situations He Started To Travel Outside His Comfort Zone To Expand His Fanbase. Promoting In Night/ Strip Clubs Around The Country Also Festival Shows Taking Alot Of Pride In Creating Great Quality Content For The Consumers With Releasing Independently Under His Own Imprint. His Plan Goes Beyond The Music But A Trendsetter, Executive Dictate The Culture Inspire Those Who Didnt Give Up As Well Here To Help Curate New Stars Be A Authentic Voice For Change.

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