“ Reflections ” by David Aaron K.

David Aaron K. is a musician based in the UK . He studied music at CUNY Staten Island and Hunter and remembers his student days fondly . Loves music, theater, the green grass, literature, the ocean, cinema, art, clouds and the beauty of the world . Is not so keen about the ugly things we sometimes have to experience and sometimes is tempted by despair but somehow manages to get by . He´s nomadic, engaged, devoted to his audience and “just trying to deliver good music” for them . D hopes his music improves somebody´s day for a few minutes and provokes some thought or reflection . He works in the grey area that combines Chamber Music and Orchestral Sounds with Power Pop and World Folk and finds himself perfectly at home listening to Maurice Ravel, the Gin Blossoms, Madredeus, Paco de Lucia or Phil Ochs . He is currently working on his 4th album, an EP in Spanish and a 23-minute song!

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