Rappers Title Their Prime 5 Favourite Rappers of ALL-TIME!

Take a look at this video of rappers speaking about their private high 5 rappers of all time! Make certain to remark your personal high 5 rappers of all time beneath! What movies would you prefer to see subsequent? Remark beneath!

Rappers on this video (so as):
Huge Sean
Jack Harlow
Rick Ross
Lil Wayne
Technique Man
Kanye West
Ice Dice

#RoadTo60k !

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lil wayne

42 thoughts on “Rappers Title Their Prime 5 Favourite Rappers of ALL-TIME!

  1. Ibenjabal Al says:

    number 1 Pac
    Number 2 Pac
    Number 3 Pac
    Number 4 Pac
    Number 5 Pac

    Pac should be listed in all 5s, and then from 5 till 10 ppl can choose. However Pac will remain the best ever.. so technically number 6 is number 2 because Pac destroys all of em.
    Can't believe ppl don't see it.

  2. JamieJunes says:

    Andre 3000
    Black Thought
    Ice Cube

    In no order, these 10 have to be the greatest. Yes, there are a huggge number of amazing rappers who had the skill (maybe even more than the ones I mentioned), but when it comes to the freaking cluster and combo of both skill and acclaimed records and discography with consistency, it has to be these 10 (I want to put MF Doom there so bad as well)

  3. Kevin Jackson says:

    Top 5 dead or alive and here’s why!

    1. Pac – Cultural Impact
    2. Eminem – Lyricist
    3. Jay-Z – Trend setter – Word Play
    4. Biggie – Storytelling
    5. Nas- Intellect

    Honorable mentions:
    Scarface, Rakim, DMX, Andre-3K, Wayne, Snoop, Ice-Cube, KRS-One, Busta, Red Man, Luda, Kendrick, J-Cole, Jada, Styles, Kanye!


  4. Esh A says:

    My top 5 with reasons
    5) Eminem – slick flows, word play, flexibility
    4) Jay Z – Delivery, word play, versatility, free stylist
    3) Nas – Lyricism, story telling, metaphors, poetry
    2) Tupac – Poetry, writing, unique delivery
    1) Biggie Smalls – Story telling, delivery, lyricism, flexibility

    Honorable mention: Rakim, Big L, Scarface, Prodigy, Big daddy Kane, AZ, Big Pun, ODB, Mr Cheeks, Kendrick, Lauryn Hill, Boogie Brown, Canibus, Snoop, Jadakiss, DMX, Methodman, QTip

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