28 thoughts on “Pookie Loc Son Responds To Gucci Mane After Talking On His

  1. james gray says:

    I think he is right for being mad. When someone says they smokin "insert dead person name", those are usually used to pretty much declare war on the group associated with said person. Thats just part of the game, jus like if you get robbed and you dealing it. If you gunna disrespect the dead, in the trap nd rap game yu gunna hv to accept the smoke that bout to come for you nd i doubt Gucci mane ready

  2. MrFlyGuy314 says:

    Gucci did the battle to throw everyone off their hills regarding the beef. A situation like that can't never be forgiven or forgotten. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Jeezy in dead and that's my whole take on the situation.

  3. INA says:

    Gucci Mane spoke his mind. He could have died being robbed. I think Pookie Loc son feel some type of way of course he would can you blame him his father. His son just has to live with that but because his father robbed a fame man. He has to not pay attention on media if he can't take it. Like saying if his dad killed Gucci man how is son going to feel. Its vice versa. It wasn't direct to Pookie Loc son so no disrespect intended.

  4. Joshua Vanderpool says:

    Should b mad at jeezy And his dad's partners jeezy put a measly 10k on gucci's head sending his pops who prolly didn't have much on a crash dummy mission n he got popped , on top of that he was wit 4 and all of them ran but supposed to be on a kidnapping mission with no strap??

  5. Ray Ross says:

    I know homie he can hoop his ass off and he a good dude str8 out the hood, Young sent that man son some check if u own half the A . That's grow man shit

  6. Franklin Pyatt says:

    Ok bro we respect you and ya posting but you be talking to damn much we wanna hear what they say not you homie no disrespect just say what you gonna say then play the clips you killing me

  7. David Wilson says:

    Man even tho that’s his dad he have not right to be mad…. if anything he needs to be mad at his dad not Gucci… he did what he was supposed to do…. that’s self defense …. maybe someone should tell quando the difference between the two so he knows his homie is done for and they don’t waste the bag on lawyer fees …

  8. Pharzie Gang says:

    Booyyy your daddy a lame and a flunkie he ain't have no beef with Gucci he wanted to put his nose in somebody business and ended up with his nose in the dirt🤷🏾‍♂️

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