“ Peace Within ” by Björn Donath

German guitarist and composer Björn Donath masters the skill and emotion of instrumental escapism, with the eclectically played 8-string guitar and surrounding composition of Peace Within.

From ambient finger-picking to soul rock and even heavy distortion, Peace Within not only showcases the ability of Donath as a musician, but the attention to detail and audience awareness of his approach as a fully devoted composer.

The track is quite perfectly crafted at three minutes and forty four seconds, and features an intoxicating progression through moments of intimate delicacy and provocative intensity alike – all the while maintaining its brightness of key, its optimism, and that euphoric, uplifting energy that aptly gifts listeners their own sense of Peace Within.

Emerging complete with a sharp set of visuals depicting Donath at the helm of his eight-string, Peace Within is a release that utilises distinct riffs and moments throughout its creative and recognisable evolution, meaning that again despite the skill there’s a clear humility and purpose to the composition – a sense of mainstream appeal, an unmistakable melodic thread – and this makes all the difference. The playing is clearly skilful, but it’s also deeply moving – modest when necessary, and utilising a number of different amplification effects to help bring further diversity to the arrangement.

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