“ The Old Soul Experience ” by Kelly Phoenix

Reborn from his ashes, Kelly Phoenix’s purpose is to move and unify through song and dance in a world that is tearing us apart. Showcasing themes of heartbreak, solitude, spirituality, rebirth and a perspective on the human condition, Phoenix gives us a peek into his soul and an introduction to his unique sound ranging from Alternative, Rock, R&B, Soul and Pop music, Kelly walks us through his process of healing and eventual ascension to brighter skies through the first chapter of his musical journey.

After releasing his first Single “No Mistake” on April 29th, Phoenix released his second Single “Black Magic Spell” on June 24th, with his thrilling short film debuting on July 25th.

After releasing the heartfelt ballad “In Your Eyes”in November of 2022. Phoenix released his dance hit “Move On Up” in the summer fo 2023 with its video premiering in November.

On October 13th, Kelly releases his first EP “The Old Soul Experience” with its 9 minute film noir inspired short film out as well.

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