“ nicotine ” by ledgo

ledgo is a gifted music producer from Cologne, Germany. Since his early teens, he has been fascinated by the diverse sounds and rhythms that the electronic music scene has to offer. With a keen sense for innovative sound creation and melodies, ledgo began his musical journey that led him to collaborate with artists from all over the world. His creative approach and talent for weaving different genres together have earned him initial attention in the music industry. In May 2024, ledgo released his first single titled “nicotine”.

The inspiration for this track came from a social media post by talented singer Anella Herim from Tennessee, USA. By fusing pulsating techno beats, natural piano, hypnotic synths and catchy melodies, ledgo created a song that captivates listeners. With his distinctive style and passion for electronic music, ledgo continues his journey to explore the boundaries of creativity and enrich the world with his music.

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