Marathon training plan and ideal shoes

Just writing “Marathon training plan” puts the chills. It is not fear, it is not even enthusiasm. It is that impalpable and physical sensation at the same time that runners feel between the heart and legs.

Just writing "Marathon training plan" puts the chills. It is not fear, it is not even enthusiasm. It is sensation that runners feel!

When they know that the time has come to learn the science of marathon. Proposing loosening tables to follow is not an easy task. We are convinced that those who run and train with all the dedication and determination already. Know it is always good and right to deal with more experienced. Trainers and runners, to find the best ways to suit their needs and characteristics. Or he knows how to create his own training program, in full awareness (have you seen how much faith we have in you? You don’t want to betray it?). Having said that, however, let’s try to go into the merits.

How to prepare for the Marathon training plan

You rightly expect a lot of technical and scientific guidance. Yes, here you will find bread for your teeth. But the real daily bread of those who choose to train for the marathon is not just nutrition (which, in any case, just bread every day would be better not). Nourishment is humility. A tight rope will tear, so don’t pull it. We know that you have made infinite progress, that the very practice of running has put you in touch with your limits and with your ability to always push them a little further. But in the case of the preparation of the marathon it is appropriate to say: not too far.

Know your limits, or quoting a world famous slogan “power is nothing without control”. In fact, always keep an eye on the needs of your body, remember that you are a human being. Predisposed to run but not to self-destruct. It may seem that we are exaggerating a little. But the injuries caused by the psychophysical stress of intense training do exist, and fortunately they can be prevented.

Take some time to reach the goal in a reasonable time frame. And found the correct shoes.

Having made this premise in full motivational style, we can abandon the role of mental coach and provide more detailed information on the types of training for the marathon.


Now comes the fun. Because despite the peremptory and serious tone that we have maintained there is also fun while you train for the marathon, you can rest assured. Some of the hilarious things to do before running your first 42.195km are:

Repeated uphill
I work on resistance
We will focus a little on each of these proposals, and then move directly to the training tables. But it seemed useful to us to provide such indications.

Fartlek sessions play an important role in the “speed” issue. Besides being a good preparation for running your first Marathon training plan they are also used for recovery after a very intense workout. It is certainly one of the best tools to vary the usual wheel you have programmed. You can easily adapt it to your strategies and habits and above all to the goal you want to pursue.

The repeated uphill! What an emotion! They are intense like a hot pepper and are perfect for training to run a race in which the legs have to adapt to any slopes. Finally, you cannot leave out a work on resistance. The balance between speed and endurance is crucial, dedicate the right time to both. But thanks for proper shoes you will go very well.


There is a moment when you feel the sensation of having to accomplish this feat. Preparation for the marathon begins when you feel that you have achieved an established awareness and technique. Sometimes he sprints after running the first half marathon.

Even if the feeling that “I did 30, I do 31” stimulates you (although it would be more correct to say “I did 21,097 km, I do 42,195 km”) do not take lightly the fact that doubling up involves hard and constant training.

If you have reached this point by now you do not take anything lightly anymore, you know very well that running always reminds you that you are a human being. You have understood on your skin (muscles, tendons and more).

That even if your legs can almost make you fly you cannot do as Icarus trying to reach the finish line without adequate safety measures.
Before leaving you at the Marathon training plan schedule, we want to provide you with some tips in case you decide to touch the sun without adequate structure for your wings (your feet, but not only).

Useful tips to escape the imminent collapse

Choose where to run the marathon.
Establish a good training program.
Identify your preparation companions.
Set a goal, even a chronometric one.

The place where you will live this experience is very important for two reasons: the support of the people you love and the knowledge of the area.

We will also see the preparation later in the table that we will provide you with. But remember that it is important to optimize the technique as much as possible. Insert in the Marathon training plan of cross training, ideal for better performance in a transversal way.

Runner friends will help you support yourself in moments of despair. And this is worth gold. Finally, establishing to reach a further goal, in addition to hitting the finish line. Can give you even more motivation (how many do you need? A lot, actually). Running the marathon and thinking of doing it in a precise time will give you the grit right up to the last final momentum.

The Marathon training plan table

We got there, here it is. To retrace that thrill. For us it is a difficult undertaking (but we are used to undertaking them). Above all because we believe that it is difficult to provide a program for Marathon training plan to run in general.

This is why we are often wary of table generators. Your plan should be as specific, personalized, and reasoned as possible. We cannot say how long it will take you, because it will depend very much on how many kilometers your legs have grinded and on your reference speed.

That is, on your race pace, which perhaps you have already heard how it is calculated. (we certainly have already said that ).

This is the pace that you can maintain by staying in that thin red line of the anaerobic threshold. The nirvana of competitive training in running and in all other sports. The moment you start feeling Buddha, even if much thinner.

It is important to make this premise.

If you include training sessions at your race pace in your strategy, your body will receive that information and gradually adopt it as a standard in an increasingly automatic way.

Having said that we can make the drums roll. After all the necessary clarifications have been made, we are going to provide you with a table, a useful Marathon training plan program to run the marathon from scratch, or almost (from 3, let’s say). Suitable for beginners, this method takes into account a fair amount of time. To get you to finish the race much more than with dignity. He is also one of those who have received the most appreciation and positive feedback.

People like it because it is manageable in terms of times: three or four workouts a week. Only the last of which is long, and it’s Sunday so you can’t make excuses. Every month a week of discharge. To give the body the possibility to absorb and integrate all the power you are accumulating. Ready to release it in thirty weeks? Here it is, in all its glory the marathon table you have so desired.

Just writing "Marathon training plan" puts the chills. It is not fear, it is not even enthusiasm. It is sensation that runners feel!