Half marathon training plan

Half marathon training plan is not easy to deal with, because in addition to requiring a good amount of time. You must be ready to face any obstacles along the way of preparing for the marathon. And consider that even the day of the race there are variables. which, even if everything is done to prevent them, can determine the marathon outcome.

Half marathon training plan is not easy, because in addition to requiring a good amount of time you must be ready to face any obstacles.

The dream of the Half marathon training plan

At the same time thousands of runners every year make this dream come true, why shouldn’t you? All those who decide to learn to run have, more or less explicit, this dream: whether it is the New York, the Rome Half marathon training plan. Even those who start running to lose weight with running, have a moment in which. Taken by the passion for running, the spring released. You need to be well equipped, with excellent running shoes (here the guide to choose running shoes), which are right for you and train the whole body, not just running. Without forgetting the running technique, useful for not getting injured and having an excellent running economy.

Preparation for the marathon

Facing the preparation for the Marathon then we will talk about two opportunities:
Preparation for the Half marathon training plan for Beginners. A table for the Marathon for those who want to fix their personal best.

An important clarification: the tables for running are generic, they don’t know us. They do not dictate the law, you have to know how to adapt them. (without distorting them). To your needs and above all, during the preparation, you have to know how to listen to yourself.

Training program for the marathon

The program that we will see focuses on the specific phase. And the final phase of the race, a 12-week running program.

It is not recommended to prepare for the marathon if you are fasting from running, you must already arrive with a base, possibly at least 6 months (better than 12) continuous running experience or be well trained thanks to other sports, possibly endurance, such as cycling.

In addition to your Half marathon training plan seniority. You need to evaluate what type of training you have done, what kilometric autonomy you have on a single session and on a week. Also your sports history: are you newbies, but come from another sport. So you have good heart efficiency, a tendon muscle structure accustomed to stress. Or do you come from long marathons from the Game of Thrones sofa?

Here you need a strong responsibility.

Before starting an important note. Those who start running to lose weight or those who expect weight loss from an intensive workout. Must remember two things: weight loss is not only in the scale, but in the amount of lean and fat mass. Running undoubtedly increases muscle mass, which weighs more than fat for the same volume. Also keep in mind that even if you run a lot you can’t eat endlessly. But you need a correct diet to get to your goal.

Tips for training the Half marathon training plan

It will be essential to carry out workouts especially within your aerobic threshold. Beginners in particular, but often also experts. Tend to accelerate the pace during slow running sessions. As We often say, “running slow is an art” and it is also very useful. To stimulate all the features useful for running the Marathon it will be essential to run a lot with with proper shoes. And often at the pace of “slow”, to develop aerobic capacity. The capillarization useful to bring more oxygen to the muscles. The slow fibers, the ability to use a mixture of carbohydrates and fats.