“ Love The Music – Original Mix ” by Nick Bennett, SamSilva, WILHVLM

Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett’s DJ roots trace back two decades to London, where he played House music with his brother. His impact was felt in Uruguay between 2009-2012 as Parador Bikini Beach’s resident DJ. Later, he introduced MakTub Music, bringing international artists to Uruguay. He’s now linked with Toolroom records and recognized by industry leaders like Marco Carola and Lexlay.

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, SamSilva showcases his talent as a DJ/Producer excelling in Tech, Minimal, and Deep House. His music—a blend of Progressive Melodies and Tech House beats—has made its mark on platforms like Beatport. The co-founder of Código56 Records, he’s brought Chile’s electronic music scene to prominence. Artists like Le Roi Carmona find their home on his label. With a monthly slot on Ibiza Global Radio, SamSilva’s music reaches audiences from Spain to Croatia, engaging 1.4 million daily.

An Australian DJ with Chilean ties, WILHVLM (WLHM) has solidified his reputation in the Tech House and Techno world. Starting in Sydney’s ‘90s Techno scene, his global journey enriched his music, especially after soaking in Rio’s tropical vibes for five years. Now Amsterdam-based, WILHVLM’s career celebrates 120+ releases spanning personal tracks and collaborations. His work is featured on labels like Happy Techno, Baikonur, Jay’s Records, and more.

The Chilean Connection
The synergy between WILHVLM, Nick Bennett, and SamSilva stems from their Chilean bond and five-year collaboration. Collectively, they’ve released 140 tracks, introducing new tech house talents. Their combined force in music creation and electrifying live performances positions them as a powerhouse trio in the industry.

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