“ La Fontaine ” by WLHM, Another Sam, Natalino Nunes

WILHVLM, also recognized as WLHM, is a prominent figure in the Tech House and Techno music scene. Hailing from Australia with Chilean roots, he divides his time between Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is actively engaged in co-producing tracks with both emerging talents and established producers in the realms of Tech House and Techno.

Furthermore, he holds the distinction of being the founder of Ipanema Records (specializing in Techno) and the co-founder of Código56 Records (dedicated to Tech House). His extensive discography includes releases on various renowned Tech House labels such as Happy Techno, Baikonur, Ole Records, Huambo, Relyt, Vamos Music, Waldlieben Familien, and Código56 Records. Additionally, he has made notable contributions to the Techno genre, with releases on labels like Jay’s Records, Beat Therapy Records, and Ipanema Records.

WILHVLM’s musical journey traces back to the 90s when he began DJing in the Sydney Techno scene, a time when the DJ industry had yet to reach the scale it occupies today. His impressive catalog boasts over 60 solo releases, complemented by an additional 60+ releases in collaboration with fellow founders of Tech House labels Código56 Records, Ipanema Records, and Rio Underground Records.

Having resided in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for five years, this experience left an indelible mark on his artistic expression. It influenced his style and sound, infusing tropical and sensual elements into his music, creating a unique and captivating musical identity.

In 2020, WILHVLM made a significant move to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he continues to hone his music production skills and explores new ventures to share his distinctive sound with a European audience. He consistently collaborates with a diverse array of DJs and leading artists, such as Natalino Nunes, SamSilva, Nick Bennett, and more, to craft mesmerizing Techno and Tech House tracks that keep audiences grooving on the dance floor.

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