Keith City: LIVE – Someplace In My Automobile (URBAN UNDERGROUND)

Keith carried out stay from his house studio on Monday evening (March 23 2020). #InstaBand

Take heed to Keith’s new music “God Whispered Your Identify” out now:

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38 thoughts on “Keith City: LIVE – Someplace In My Automobile (URBAN UNDERGROUND)

  1. Chai Tea says:

    One of my favourites! But of course I love them all!😸. Go Keith. Looking forward to the next vids. You’re making life easier right now!❤️🇨🇦

  2. Kristan MacPherson says:

    You have hit the mark Keith, underground music is just what we need to uplift our spirits during this difficult time. I hope all is well for your Summer concerts to go forward and as always God bless to you , your family and the world around us. That's really what matters. I'm alone with exception of my dog and been hugging her all day. She especially loves the belly rubs. 🙏💕

  3. Passion Duke says:

    Hi Keith and Nicole!! Thank you so much for this private show. Thank's to you, I forgot the covid-19 during a few minutes. Thank you to all people who help sicks people around the world and espacilly in France. Take care guys!

  4. Lisa Gay says:

    Great,videos so,beautiful, thank,you and yourbeautiful sweet wife for a wonderful show,she is so beautiful and loved you so much,God bless you both and your beautiful family 😎😘😘🙄😎😍🤩😋

  5. Rachel Dickson says:

    Hi Keith, loving this slower version of this song, so beautiful 💖😊 Can never have a favourite of your songs but this is rockin to the top! Would love to hear " Somedays You Gotta Dance" because not only do I love it but it was playing on tv the first time I heard you ( you were playing live with Steve Wariner and his son) and I've been a huge fan ever since and have every cd, including The Ranch and your first self titled album ever 💖 Sending lots of love to you, Nicole and the family from Melbourne, Australia

  6. Shruti Rajesh says:

    If I have to choose five couples that I so badly don't want them to breakup in the industry.
    1. Keith Urban Nicole Kidman.
    2.Emily Blunt John Krasinski.
    3. Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively.
    4. Elsa Pataky Chris Hemsworth.
    5. Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift.

  7. Peace Queen says:

    I've been so miserable for 6 months now. My subconscious has been compensating for it with Keith Urban. I dream of him like 3 times a week! I would have normally seen him live at least 3 times by now and my brain literally misses him haaaaaaaaa..sorry Nicole!

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