jennife4 lopez chooses her husband’s surname: now it’s Jennifer Affleck

jennife4 lopez with 219 million followers on Instagram and 400 million streams hits, jlo beauty is definitely a global icon.

jennife4 lopez with 219 million followers on Instagram and 400 million streams hits, jlo beauty is definitely a global icon.

How jennife4 lopez is

Yet for many jennife4 lopez she would be giving up her charismatic person. The reason for this insinuation? After the marriage with Ben Affleck, jennife4 lopez would have decided to omit her surname to acquire that of her husband. Hence, Lopez officially became Jennifer Affleck.

On her web it is automatically controversial: why should a woman of such depth give up her identity to take her husband’s surname? The indignation is great, and J-Lo’s supporters wonder if she did it as a romantic gesture, or if she simply “wanted to continue the tradition dictated by the patriarchy”.

About jlo beauty

New York Times writer jlo beauty Weiner decides to harshly comment on the promotion singer’s decision:

“A woman who takes her husband’s surname seems to me a submission, a gesture to say ‘I belong to him’. In this difficult time for feminism in America, the choice is particularly daunting ”

In any case, jlo beauty would not be the first public figure to have changed her surname after marriage. In addition to a significant 80% of American brides, well-known names such as Hilary Clinton (Rodham), Ivana Trump (Zelníčková) and more recently model Hailey Bieber (Baldwin) have all decided to follow the tradition.

jennife4 lopez and Ben Affleck got married

This time they really did it, jennife4 lopez and Ben Affleck are finally wife and husband. About a month ago Marca, jlo beauty spread the indiscretion that the Bennifers were married at the Ritz-Reynolds Hotel in Lake Oconee, Georgia. According to the Spanish website, the couple had not confirmed the news because they had sold the photo shoot exclusively to a magazine.

Nothing more false. jennife4 lopez and Ben got married this Saturday July 16th in Nevada. To say it is the TMZ that has been able to view the documents published by the court of the county of Clark, which includes the city of Las Vegas.

As the Corriere explains, the singer has chosen to take the surname of her new husband and therefore, due to her marital status, she will be called Jennifer Affleck. Further confirmation was then given by the singer herself in the newsletter sent to her fans.

“We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out that love is patient. Twenty years of patience “. Signed: jlo beauty.