34 thoughts on “JAY-Z – Holy Grail ft. Justin Timberlake

  1. Kimberly pellot says:

    And everyone who conceived outside of marriage should get their kids taken away from them!¡¡¡¡¡¡ She's a corn ball and needs to stop biting of Nicki… She wack… And ugly and lacks originality. This site shouldn't allow comments until either before you've read all of the comments or unless you … Oh good, excuse me I think that this world is the universe of the first person that was sentence d to death and this human being was innocent… Or unless you where going to read all of them… Or we should only be able to comment if you're not going to read the rest of the comments… I think she's really Nikki entrapped in the spirit she aborted or drunk a morninsg after in this same life and is reliving it … Her man probably knows and who gave the porn star Cameron bay HIV.

  2. Soloids says:

    I remember this coming out back then, this is not the original one and I also remember the original one was deleted, maybe something happened with copyright etc.

  3. Dennis Bates Jr says:

    I feel like because I was born that I shouldn't have to work for anything, and every woman, every female inside the universe should be my slaves mentally, and without the will power to think on her own like a robot; then, no woman would have to work anymore to be in an relationship. Then I would be able to have multiple women at one time and they don't complain about me seeing more than one because I would have all of the women inside this universe my slaves. Then I won't hear songs like "Smoking out the Window" because women leaving one man would not exist because I'ma bout to try a turn the universe into a remote control and make them women my slaves because that's all I feel like doing now. This should be the way of this universe now, and I'm feeling like that? I'ma bout to turn this universe in to a remote control and turn every female inside this universe a servant just for me. 🤍🖤

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