Jake Paul – New Finest . Rapper? | "Recent Outta

Jake Paul | New Finest . Rapper? | “Recent Outta London” Breakdown

Now after all I do not suppose Jake Paul is the very best . rapper or something at the very least but, however that is his first music the place he is proven the potential that he may truly grow to be that. He is had bother rapping not to mention announcing most of his lyrics in his previous songs. So it is a enormous step up from what he is beforehand executed, and I am unable to lie, it wasn’t unhealthy…dare I say…Recent Outta London was good?
Discover me right here:
You possibly can go take a look at the total music video of Jake’s right here:

If Jake does certainly sustain the sort of work, who is aware of, if he releases a good album, even when he is not the one writing his lyrics. He may grow to be, the very best rapper on .? Not a tough mark to beat by my requirements. Actually.

– Crooꓘed


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  1. Yay new vid

  2. Gonna be leaving for California in a week, trying to get a few videos recorded and ready to upload while I’m gone for a couple weeks. No promises though it’s honestly hard finding any time to make this shit with a newborn.

    Oh and this video doesn’t mean I won’t censor my words in future videos, as I said in the video though…I just can’t be bothered with this one lol

  3. I seen the comments when he was on trending thinking coz it was him nobody would like it but ppl where saying it's 🔥+how good it is,i h8d that i thought it was quite good!!! ✌️

  4. Dude this guy needs 1 million subs for the editing alone

  5. As someone who lives in this hell hole known as Ohio, we would like to sincerely apologise for those brainlets.

    You guys can keep him tho, we don’t want him back lmao

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