“ In The Crib ” by T1T1

T1T1 Known as Alexander Mahootchi Has Put Work into This Album at the age of 14 from Sep 2022 to now and he has released this album due to the things that had been going on in his past and what’s happening now, he has been releasing singles that we’re going to the album (Shawty) (Drop it) (Crazy Murder) (Hood), and has been releasing music in many ways to talk more about his life and a lot more things on what he is going through. What he wants is his music to be played by fans and artist and more, He Made this album in his room with just a mic and a computer and his mindset with great ideas for producing, Lyrics, And Melody.

He wanted to show the world to not give up on your goals and keep up and, he is currently in high school which he only had time for 1 song a week and 4 hours of sleep daily which is crazy for a 14 year old. He is really excited to have proud mix and masters that have worked for Universal Music and other labels Which had Alexander more chances to not give up with them on there side for the album and remixing was a crazy thing for Alex which was something new to him which was a really cool to see his music being worked on by famous remixers but what he’s mostly after is the fans to enjoy his songs and make everyone proud With his talent that he’s got which he got from the people he likes to call his fans.

Alexander Mahootchi Produced All his Tracks Apart From (Drop It) He used that beat to try his luck in music but didn’t expect it to be really good so thats how he is making these songs that have good melody’s and he is focuses on his lyrics because he is just starting on melodys and lyrics and producing Which is a very proud thing for a 14 Year old boy all with just a computer some notes and mic which is super creative from him and he will hopefully release his next album super super soon.

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