“ Hustle Requires Muscle ” by Calvin TDC

Calvin TDC is a rising artist known for his lyrical talent and dynamic stage presence. Born and raised in Atteridgeville; Pretoria, Calvin TDC grew up surrounded by the sounds of the city and developed a love for hip hop at a young age.

Drawing inspiration from legends such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Drake and the likes, Calvin TDC began writing his own rhymes and began releasing music in 2020 with a hip-hop EP titled TDC Volume One. He followed the Ep with a series of Lofi Ep’s in 2022, After a three year long break from hip-hop Calvin returned to Hip-Hop with an infectious flow and hard hitting beats.

Calvin TDC quickly gained a following in the South African Hip-Hop scene, He released a free mixtape titled “FREE TDC” to critical acclaim, earning praise for his clever wordplay and socially conscious lyrics. His follow-up single; “Smoke One” showcased his versatility as an artist, with tracks ranging from introspective ballads to high energy bangers.

With a growing fanbase and a string of successful singles and Ep’s under his belt, Calvin TDC is poised for mainstream success. His upcoming album; 3:33 promises to be his most ambitious project yet.

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