How does Chrome Music Lab work?

Chrome Music Lab is intuitive and simple music software. Bright and colorful features make it accessible and friendly for people of all ages.

Chrome Music Lab is intuitive and simple music software. Bright and colorful features make it accessible and friendly for people of all ages.

Chrome Music Lab shares open-source code

With Chrome Music Lab musicians and coders can build their own experiences. Anyone on any device can instantly open it and start playing without waiting for an app to download and install.

The easier it is for anyone to explore music, the more compelling it is for everyone to be curious, creative and inspired. Many experiments can only be used on the spot and immediately. This means that you will not be able to download, export or share your work.

Two of the experiences let you share, embed, and download your creations. These two experiences are Song Maker and Melody Maker.

How to Create a music maker Using CML

Start by going to the CML website and clicking on the Melody Maker tab. You can see the name of each experiment by hovering your cursor inside the block.

Melody music maker has a simple interface. Just click on different boxes. Each box makes a different note. Try clicking on a few boxes, then press Play to hear your melody.

The lower the block, the lower the sound. To change the speed, move the blue ball to the left to slow it down.

Speed up the music maker by moving the blue ball to the right.

Play with the boxes until you create something you like. Click on a sound to delete it. The melody below is the first part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The orange button next to the play button repeats the melody you created.

Alternative Free software Audacity

Audacity is a free audio editor, both complete and easy to use. It allows you to manipulate files in WAV, AIFF, OGG or MP3 format: deletion of silences, addition of echo or special effects, elimination of parasites, mixing, etc. Thanks to the integrated editor, you also have the possibility of copying, pasting and assembling sound clips to create multitrack projects.
Among the novelties of version 2.0, it is interesting to point out the improvement of effects such as Equalization, noise suppression and normalization. The addition of multiple clips per track as well as support for the FLAC format are also part of the update. As a bonus, an automatic recovery system is offered in the event of a crash or other abnormal cessation of program activity. 3 new effects are introduced: Studio Fade Out, Adjustable Fade and Bass and Treble.

How to Use Chrome Music Lab Song Maker

Chrome Music Lab Song Maker is the most complete project with many different options that you can use. The default screen has two octaves. Like Melody Maker, you click the color-coded boxes to hear the notes associated with each box.The heavy blue lines every two squares represent a beat.

Additional melody instrument options are piano, strings, woodwinds, and synth. To clear or delete a note, click on it. If you want to delete several at once, hold down the mouse button and drag the notes you want to delete.

Try the different options to choose the one you like best. You can also use the microphone icon to record your voice or any other sound you want to add. When you are done creating your song, click the Save button in the lower right corner. You will see a popup window showing the link to view your song. Or how we said before you can try Audacity it is a great software and it is Free and when your music will be in Spotify platform you can promote your song.