kylie jenner bikini Happy birthday Kylie Jenner! Sexy bikini queen

kylie jenner bikini! Famous for her Met Gala looks, Kylie Jenner is also a true authority on two-piece swimsuits. Which always accompanies with a choice of jewels perfect for the summer

Famous kylie jenner bikini is also a true authority on two-piece swimsuits. Which always accompanies with a choice of jewels perfect for the summer.

Today kylie jenner bikini turns 25

A world expert in the art of transforming even the simplest bikini and two-piece into an ultra sexy look. Always choosing the most hype shades, to combine with the finest and most refined jewels.

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Famous for her collection of Met Gala outfits, the entrepreneur and companion of rapper Travis Scott is also a true authority on the subject of bikinis. Partly for the posts with highly studied poses and filters on Instagram, adored by her 36.3 million followers. But also for the ability to always choose the right color at the right time. With the perfect jewels for the summer.

A key detail when it comes to her favorite model: the two-piece triangle swimsuit. Like the one in silver laminated fabric by Dolce & Gabbana with metallic detail, elevated to the nth degree by the pendant chain earrings by Jenny Bird and the body chain in gold model Anais by Lily Clapse.

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The unmissable model with a crochet effect

Kim Kardashian’s sister, an expert in communication via bikini, amazed everyone with the recent post “free the nipple”, in which she wears a bra with a nude look effect that made social media ignite. But, coup de théâtre permitting, her wardrobe also includes the great classics of summer fashion such as the crochet costume.

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Alameda Turquesa’s is in bronze-colored lamé yarn embellished with small flowers embroidered with small fake pearls. Simply flawless with multiple yellow gold bracelets and the inseparable body-chain.

kylie jenner bikini, with the silver bikini you are never wrong

Motorboat, swimming pool, solarium, soccer in the garden of kylie jenner bikini. The holiday habitat is one of its flagships on social media, where the parade of swimwear to alternate between selfies and dives in the crystal clear waters is endless. Among the favorite shades in addition to the glitter ones there are the neutral and soft palettes such as the antique pink of the Isa Boulder costume.

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A very high-cut and minimalist bikini, which becomes a high fashion outfit in an instant with the vintage Chanel necklace from the Cruise 2011 collection. A showy but refined fishnet model in golden mesh, with crystals, fake pearls and charms / logo with rhinestones.

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