38 thoughts on “Halloween 2007 Filming Areas – Behind The Scenes Tour /

  1. Gilbert Rodriquez says:

    I always wonder what residents of the neighborhood think/feel when large productions like this take place? Because I’m sure the production crew takes up a lot of space & probably close streets down too.

  2. Freddie Linda says:

    Omg I always knew the school scenes, principals office, bathroom and library scenes were shot at Elliott Middle School, my middle. My friend would always no but I would say yes!

  3. BackRoad TV says:

    Best thing about Rob zombies Halloween is it doesn't take anything away from the franchise but add a bit of insight to the character from a different perspective so it's still good as part of the Halloween films

  4. TheDailyWoo says:

    Instagram – AdamTheWooATW
    Check out Sean’s Channel at YouTube.com/Malfuncsean . Preplanned all this out in great detail to make it all happen in one day . Happy to say every single location was covered and visited and content with the end result . These type of videos aren’t possible on a constant basis due to amount of times studying each scene and preplanning, printing screen shots , mapping out , etc but dang I love putting them together ! Super passionate about these !

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